Greeting Cards Sparkled With Love For Every Occasion.

Each occasion is special, each person being honoured is one of a kind. The same sentiment is applied with the design of every card. All hand made, each rhinestone and pearl applied one at a time. Give one-of-a-kind to your one-of-a-kind.

  • Quality Guaranteed

    From the paper, to the ink, and especially the rhinestones. We use the best materials we can source so your keepsake will stand the test of time.

  • Hand Made

    Each rhinestone is carefully applied by hand and put through quality and durability testing before being sent to our customers and retailers.

  • Environmental Commitment

    Our paper is made from recycled materials, our waste is kept to a minimum, and our delivery options are Co2 conscious.

  • Made in Canada

    Designed, printed, embellished, packed, and shipped all from Canada.